03/31/2017 – “My first time at the Artisan and enjoyed the small venue very much. I thought the set design and staging was amazing. The acting, vocals and dancing were all terrific. The funeral scene was moving and I got a little teary-eyed. Exceptionally well done all around! Looking forward to coming back.” ~ Cindy

03/31/2017 – “I absolutely loved the performance! The Pirate Queen is in the top 2 shows I have seen   The actors were perfectly suited for the show. I give the show a 10! Thank you for providing such a wonderful theater with great performances. I come with around 10 ladies from Gateway Church monthly.” ~ Virginia

03/31/2017 – “Excellent show. Truly one of the best. Music and dancing was superb.” ~ Cloetta

03/30/2017 – “We both thoroughly enjoyed tonight's production of The Pirate Queen. It was fabulous and the music was wonderful and very well done.  Especially enjoyed Grace and Tieran.... and the Queen's wardrobe was nothing short of exceptional.  That last costume took an engineer to put together!” ~ Steve and Linda

03/29/2017 – “The Pirate Queen in a word FANTASTIC.  The music, the cast, the sets and costumes were perfect.  What talent!  I went home smiling.” ~ Ann

03/29/2017 – “It was a wonderful show. The costuming was incredible! Loved the show. Love the theatre.” ~ Mary

03/29/2017 – “We really enjoyed The Pirate Queen last night. Queen Elizabeth was portrayed in such a magnificent way showing the exquisite royalty and authority of the kingdom and was done with such aplomb. OK, so much for bragging on my daughter.  We enjoyed the entirety of the show and I would highly recommend to my friends that they go see it. Your group did a great job. You guys run the Artisan in a very efficient way. Way to go. We have always enjoyed the performances at the Artisan even if our kids are not performing in them.” ~ Rev. Franklin Bryant

03/29/2017 – “Every time we come to a new production at Artisan I think “that” one is the best one I've seen. A friend and I attend together. Afterward we were talking and we both thought we wouldn't care for the show before we saw it.  We were blown away!  It was all so moving and well done.  The set was amazing as always—but more so.  Everyone obviously worked very hard and it shows.  I loved the “Queen” but all of the other characters were excellent. The Pirate “King” was so good! He looked like I would picture a pirate to look.  The little boys were so cute.  The children are so talented.  The dancers always empress me.  They outdid themselves this time. Thanks for all you do to make our experience always a surprise.  I am so glad we have a season pass.”  ~ Dixie

03/29/2017 – “The show was amazing.  We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  The singing and dancing were phenomenal.  You have some very talented cast members.  It was a very pleasant surprise.” ~ Randy

03/28/2017 – “We truly enjoyed seeing The Pirate Queen tonight on Thursday. The main actress and actor have fabulous voices. We enjoyed the dancing, singing and the telling of the story of The Pirate Queen. I recommend the play to all ages. It was a great way to spend the night out. Thanks for putting together a great show.” ~ Lourene

03/28/2017 – “My granddaughter (23) and I enjoyed it tremendously!  The talent you use is often amazing.  Every bit as good as many shows I see at other community theaters, sometimes better.  Thank you very much for being there for your many fans.  Keep up the good work!” Pat

03/28/2017 – “Loved the show! I would like to audition for a show there. :) I was very impressed by how professional it was in a smaller theatre setting. I would have to say Queen Elizabeth was memorable the most for me! The set was also amazing!” Amy

03/28/2017 – “I love classical musical comedies.  I do not like Rock Musicals like Rent or Kinky Boots that have guitar music.  What caught my attention to this show were the authors, Boublil and Schönberg who created The Pirate Queen, as announced in the playbill of Nunsense. I was not disappointed with tonight's performance.  It was truly a great show.  I watch various musical shows from the local theaters and The Pirate Queen had Celtic music and dance in abundance, making this my best show for this season. It is not quite like Les Misérables, because the music is not full orchestra, classical symphony enough like Les Misérables, but still very enjoyable.  I was surprised at the number of roles the supporting cast members had to take on and play.  Kudos to everyone for a great job well done.” George

03/27/2017 – “The entire show was wonderful. All the actors were good but Max Swarner was especially good. Please tell the dancers that the Celtic dancing was terrific and quite enjoyable.” Becky

03/27/2017 – “I really enjoy The Pirate Queen.  I didn't know Grace O’Malley was based on a real person so when I got home I looked her up. The cast was awesome! I'm part Irish on both sides of my families, my dad is Venezuelan but has ancestry that immigrated from Ireland to Venezuela and my mom has Irish ancestry because my mom has red hair and green eyes. Anyways, I can somewhat relate to Grace as she was tomboy while Queen Elizabeth was girly girl and I'm sorta tomboyish too and I really enjoyed the action and songs.” Jennifer

03/27/2017 – “I was unfamiliar with this show. I was not disappointed. The love story, history and costumes were very entertaining. The lead characters were all well cast and their voices were strong and easy to understand. The dancing was refreshing and the spirit of the clans was felt throughout the show. It was evident that the actors enjoyed their time together. Great play. The music was excellent and direction spot on!!” Marcia

03/26/2017 - "The Pirate Queen was a delightful story of strong women. The talented cast was superb.Patricia

03/26/2017 – “We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of The Pirate QueenThe cast was fantastic. I'm a proud Irish woman and Grace O'Malley/Chelsea Bridgman is my hero. You guys just keep getting better and better. Thanks for a wonderful evening." Laura