03/08/2017 – “My mom and I really love coming to the Artisan. On the drive home we talked about how impressed we are every time we see a new show. A memorable point tonight for My Fair Lady was the add-lib when Higgins was trying to relight the candle...they just moved along and kept it funny..... Very nicely done... you can see how much all the actors care about the show and their performances. BRAVO.... can't wait to see the next show!!!!” ~ Holly


03/08/2017 - "My Fair Lady is what the 5 of us season ticket holders looked forward to seeing.  Last night was spectacular. The voices of the 4 main characters sounded like a Carnegie Hall debut.  Liza’s dad had a slow start remembering lines at beginning but got stronger.  Love the minor parts stationed different places thru the musical as we could benefit from all voices. Beautiful! And two of our guests are purchasing season passes today. Sending email after show asking for feedback is best communication for us.  We are able to send remarks when show fresh on our mind. This works much better for us than voting at end of season." Jill


03/08/2017 “As always it was a fantastic time at the Artisan.  My Fair Lady is a great musical and the entire cast was fantastic as always.  Special kudos to the actors playing Henry, Eliza, and Alfred...they were fantastic. We don't come as often as we should...Kiss Me Kate was the last time I had been.  I like the upgrades to the main stage. We do appreciate that you pull out classics like My Fair Lady out at least once a year.  We are planning to make it back for Sister Act this summer. Thanks for everyone doing such a great job.” Bob


03/08/2017 – “My Fair Lady was an outstanding show/performance! Eliza had a beautiful singing voice. The young black girl also had an outstanding voice! Each character was super......made for the part they played!  Costumes were super! We especially enjoyed the scene when the cast was all dressed in black/white and were watching the horse race!!  Super great acting and costuming. As we drove home, we commented that this was one of the "best ever" productions at Artisan. And it is so convenient to Mid-Cities with great parking! Thank you for providing this wonderful entertainment for local Senior folks to attend easily. Thanks to all the behind-the-scenes work and volunteers!! The "stage" and floor were all perfectly made! We saw no "mistakes"......all most enjoyable!” Judy


03/08/2017 – “My Fair Lady was the 3rd Artisan production that I have attended.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  We (I brought 3 people with me) will most certainly attend future productions.  I love the venue.  Costumes and sound were especially good, in my humble opinion.  Thank you for a lovely evening.” Lorraine


03/08/2017 – “I am a little late responding to this but did not want to miss the chance to let you know how much the musical meant to me and more importantly to my Mom!   We have had season tickets for about 7 or 8 years.  Over the past two years, Mom has begun to show signs of Alzheimer’s.   It has progressed, especially this last year.  When we attended My Fair Lady—she was in her joyful place!  She directed the performers from her front row seat and sang along on every song.   Thank you for being a place where I can bring my mother to experience true joy.  She may not remember the experience the next day but she loves it while she is there and I will remember it the rest of my life!  We love Artisan and My Fair Lady is definitely one of our favorite musicals ever!” Theresa


03/08/2017 - "My sister and husband and I attended My Fair Lady Tuesday evening.  We LOVED the performance!  We especially enjoyed Eliza's sense of humor.  We frequently attend shows because we love the small community theater feel as well as the performances.  We like to see the inclusion of so many young people. We have also attended The Tumbleweed Roundup a couple of times.  We love their music and sense of humor, and are delighted to see so many young people involved and having a place to share their talents." Dian


03/06/2017 - "This was our first time to Artisan Center Theater and my husband and I were so impressed with the professionalism of the cast and the entire production. All of the cast members were so talented but we were especially impressed with Damion Gravino as Alfred P. Doolittle. We hope to see him in more productions." Sayra


03/05/2017 - "I have seen it about 4–5 times now. We came Feb. 14 with a lot of our family. My husband and I came the following Saturday, then I came with a girl friend from church choir last Thursday, then she wanted to come again last night and brought her cousin. There are so many great things... first of all, the set. Oh my! Most professional set I've ever seen. It is exquisite. Lead actors...Henry, Eliza (both), Col. Pickering (even the sub who was absolutely perfect and LOVED by all the cast and audience alike), Freddy (voice of an angel), and Mr. Doolittle (both) are ALL top notch. Unbelievable talent on that stage. Every guest we bring to see the show leaves asking the same thing that we wonder...where did you FIND these people? Oh my goodness! Then the supporting actors like Henry's mom and Mrs. Pearce are so perfect for their parts! The Irish accent is spot on and Mrs. Higgins is so believable in her refinement and natural affection for Eliza. I think all moms will identify a little with the desire for her ill-mannered son to be taught a lesson or 2! The chorus is so talented, it seems any one of them could have carried a lead themselves, but they work so well together...their smiles and laughter are so genuine... I would think their most difficult scene is the Ascot when they aren't allowed to smile because they have to be "dead-pan." How hard it must be to contain all that joy! As for the choreography, I love the waltz! "Little Bit O Luck" and "I'm Gettin' Married in the Morning" are fun, too, but the waltz is my favorite. It is so seamless and flows so well. My friends have commented on it because it was so perfectly executed. Professional on every level.  There are so many reasons this show is selling out! It is so great and I hope John Wilkerson is happy with the end product! He is the reason Sarah came to the Artisan last year. Sarah admires him and his wife, Margaret, so much! You could not ask for a finer director anywhere! Class, drive, focus, vision, & a love for the theater and the cast truly define John Wilkerson as a leader. Yes, he is their director, but to us, he is so much more. Thank you for choosing someone the cast can emulate and be better for having known him.  He has our utmost respect. When the cast finishes their run next Saturday, they will each leave a little piece of their hearts on that stage. This experience will be forever etched in their minds and remembered so fondly...& I'm quite sure it will remain with each audience member as well. Thank you... from the bottom of our hearts..." Jenny & Whit


03/07/2017 – “My Fair Lady ...... Best performance my wife and I have ever attended at the Artisan. The cast, especially "Eliza", Stan, Col. Pickering and Doolittle were superb actors and vocalists. Denise J. was a great addition too. We look forward to the remaining programs, but this production was high quality in the categories of set design, costumes, acting, and vocals.” Ron


03/03/2017 – “There were 9 of the Red Hat Ladies, Frisky Foxy Jewels, that came to your show tonight.  Louise Childs played Ms. Higgins.   We enjoyed the show so very much.  Such talent—music was great.  You certainly do have some wonderful actors and singers in your group.  It was a wonderful show. And enjoyed by all.” Marie


03/03/2017 – “I loved the moments when Eliza's father was on stage. The costumes were wonderful and the show funny. Freddie was a great singer. All, in all, the show was a wonderful surprise. One of my favorite moments was the snotty group from Aston. The one young petitely-built woman from the group with dark hair who makes the funniest faces, was absolutely brilliant.” Belinda


03/03/2017 - "We have lived in Colleyville for the past three years.  We were talking about Broadway theater with a friend and he recommended the Artisan Center Theater. We are so glad he did.  We purchased season tickets and have now attended two performances, Nunsense and My Fair Lady.  Both shows were professional grade productions, that were well acted and thoroughly entertaining.  Your theater is a gem and you offer quality live entertainment at a very affordable price.  Thank you for making this type of entertainment available to the community.  We've become big fans and continue to tell all of our friends about the Artisan Theater." Norm and Adora


03/03/2017 - "This is one of the best!  John Wilkerson has to be the best director anywhere.  Stan Graner was a perfect Henry Higgins—hope to hear Aaron Knight in future roles—Talia, too.” Mary Alice


03/01/2017 - "Like every other show we have seen at The Artisan, it was so delightful, and loaded with talent.  It is apparent that the cast members have their heart and soul in to the performances. Along with a wonderful cast, it is such a pleasure to see cast and crew present family friendly entertainment at a very reasonable price. We look forward to every performance.” Jerry and Nancy


02/27/2017 - "I really enjoyed the show! Came to support Jessica Olson and really enjoyed myself. Tell her she did amazing! The rest of the cast was also great. Hope to return again soon!" Lauren


02/27/2017 - "The performance was fantastic. Amanda Hollis and Stan Graner truly transported me to Henry Higgins study. Amanda's voice is superb. I enjoyed Mrs. Pieces accent and Colonel Pickering's humor. Tom Mcworter as Alfred was a true joy to watch with all his energy. The full cast was great and talented. I am definitely promoting this show!" Grace


02/27/2017 - "I saw the performance tonight and may I say it might have been the best show I have seen at the Artisan.  It was totally entertaining.  The new talent that performed in tonight's performance is a wonderful addition to the Artisan.  Very, very talented entertainers.  I hope they will be returning for future shows. Again, extremely good show tonight.  You know me, I tell it like it is." Nancy


02/27/2017 - The cast was absolutely wonderful. It was nice to have several new 'first-time' performers. Please persuade Stan Graner to do another show. He is superb. He could just read the dictionary." Paula


02/27/2017 - "I was privileged to bring two friends who had NEVER EVEN SEEN THE MOVIE!!  They were so thoroughly delighted that I would have been delighted at their delight event if I had not already been so delighted myself with the production!!!  This is the caliber of performance that has kept me buying season tickets for the last decade and more." Karen


02/26/2017 - "Thanks for asking. It was my second visit. My friend, Denise Jasper, was one of the actors in the show, but I love the music from My Fair Lady. I love the center stage theater of the Artisan. It's so intimate. The stationary sets were beautiful and the versatile center stage set changes were very effective for the scenes.  It was my husband & mother's first time to see a performance and both really enjoyed it.  My husband is already talking about coming to see the Buddy Holly Story.  I have talked up this venue as well as the shows to my friends.  I'm sure I'll come to see something else this season." Jane


02/26/2017 - "My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the play. My friend had seen it on Broadway and said he liked it even better at the Artisan. I personally liked the actor who played the father and that song (I’m getting married in the morning) was one of my favorites and he certainly did it justice. Loved the costumes and we had a great afternoon--time just flew by! I will certainly recommend this to my friends. If I can help in anyway let me know." Shirley


02/26/2017 - "We loved the show. I know it is long, so it seemed they tried to pick up the pace. That's always a tough call, as some effective pauses and adjustments in rhythm are needed for effect. Loved seeing the same Henry Higgins from the last time Artisan presented My Fair Lady. Eliza and all the main characters were delightful. "On the Street Where You Live" is my favorite song and the actor tonight did it justice. Thanks for a great show." Jim


02/25/2017 – "My Fair Lady was outstanding today. Amanda Hollis and Stan Graner did a Broadway level performance. The whole cast were wonderful. I enjoyed this presentation greatly.” Delores


02/25/2017 – “We have seen My Fair Lady twice so far and have purchased tickets for our small Church group and my sister to join us for this another wonderful production. Each production so far, has been outstanding and has brought back memories. We have now seen both Casts and each of them showcased their particular talents. Recommendation, you need to get the awards ready for next year, as each actor deserves one! And don't forget the outstanding set design and costumes; maybe a special category for the hats.” Stephen 


02/25/2017 – “We went to the Artisan for the first time last night. We weren't sure what to expect but we enjoyed it from the first scene to the last. Love the theater in the round. It was well done switching and performing to each section without making it awkward.  This was also our first time seeing My Fair Lady live on stage. The actors were all wonderful, our favorites were Eliza and Mr. Doolittle! We loved his quirky character and he played it so well! FUNNY! Eliza has a beautiful voice and did awesome on all of her accents and acting. She is the complete package! Mr. Higgins did awesome with his accents as well as his acting, did a great job with the "jerky guy." We started to really dislike him. :)  Mr. Eynsford Hill has a great voice! I wish we could have heard him sing more songs. And we wished that he could have "gotten the girl."  Also we LOVED the race scene and all the outfits! They looked like they were straight from Hollywood. So fun! Thank you for providing entertainment that is clean, family friendly, uplifting, and of excellent quality. We will be happy to return! BRAVO!” Todd and Amyjoy


02/25/2017 – “Great production.  Cast and sets were outstanding.  Would recommend to anybody.” Roy


02/24/2017 – “We thoroughly enjoyed last night’s performance.  Everyone in the cast did a tremendous job.  My Fair Lady is one of our favorite shows and your folks truly made it a memorable evening.” Dorothy