FAQs & Helpful Tips



  • What time should we arrive? - Please try to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to show time. The "house" opens 30 minutes early. Because of the unique design of our theaters (in-the-round and floor-level-risers), arriving late means you would need to cross through an active performance to reach your seats. -- YIKES! How embarrassing! -- For this reason, we encourage you to be on time. Late arrivals are subject to relocation, late seating or rescheduling to another performance.


  • I can't make the show! What do I do now? - Things happen. We understand. To reschedule, please call the Box Office at least one business day before your reservation. One of our Guest Services Agents will make every effort to transfer your seats to another performance. Seating is based on availability. If the new performance is sold out, you may be placed on a standby list. Though it is not our policy to refund tickets, we will reschedule or place you in an upcoming show.


  • I missed it completely! Now what?! - Yep. We know about that also. If you were not able to make your scheduled event, please call the box office and speak with one of our Guest Services Agents. Though it is not our policy to refund tickets, we will reschedule or place you in an upcoming show.


  • What about refreshments? - We make fresh popcorn for each show and offer a variety of regular and diet soft drinks in addition to bottled water and Capri-Sun. We have a large variety of candy bars, pretzels and chips to make your visit even more fun. You are welcome to bring these into the theaters. We ask, as a courtesy, to empty your trash in one of the receptacles as you leave.


  • Do you have handicap seating? - We have handicapped seating available in each theater. If you simply need a larger chair, these same spaces can be used for oversized chairs (with or without arms). Please notify one of our Guest Services Agents when making your reservations or upon your arrival.


  • Can I take pictures or video? - Artisan Center Theater has a long relationship with a local professional photographer. Al Smith Photography takes thousands of images and provides these to each cast member at no charge for low resolution and very small fees for high resolution images. Nearly every contract prevents us from allowing pictures or video of the performance. We know people do it anyway. But it is not allowed and frequently very distracting to other patrons around you. We suggest, if one of the performers is related, or a close friend, ask them for one of the professional images provided. 


  • How can I see the cast members? - After each performance, it is a policy of Artisan Center Theater to have the cast greet our audience as the leave. This is a wonderful time to capture a "selfie" or picture with your favorite actor.