Broadway Buddies

Ages: 4–5   8 Weeks   Cost: $260

August 26–October 14   Wednesdays, 4:30pm–5:30pm

Location: Online

Instructor: Alli Ryan Motley

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This class will be packed with incredibly fun musical theatre themed activities! Your student will play theatre games, learn the basics of performing, sing songs, take fun dance classes and more, all from a NYC musical theatre professional!



Broadway Basics

Ages: 6–9   8 Weeks   Cost: $260

August 26–October 14   Tuesdays, 1:00pm–2:00pm

Location: Online

Instructor: Alli Ryan Motley

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Learn the basics of Musical Theatre from an NYC professional and have fun while doing it! From Beginner Acting Technique, Vocal Performance, Audition Technique and Dance this class will teach you everything you need to know! 



Alli Ryan MotleyInstructor's Biography

Alli Ryan Motley is a New York City based Equity Actor, Director and Producer. After graduating from New York Film Academy, she performed in dozens of shows all over the world from Florida to New Zealand. She went on to help direct and choreograph an NYC production of BRING IT ON with Tony-winner Tonya Pinkins which led to directing many musicals all over the country. In 2018, she started her production company, A.R. Productions and has produced feature films, off-broadway shows, music videos and more! She most recently produced and starred in the Off-Broadway production of LOVE AND YOGURT. Teaching is one of Alli Ryan’s passions, she is ecstatic about helping shape the next generation of performers. Who knows—she may even drop into Texas (her home state), to meet her students in-person! She always tells her students, “If you’re going to be creating, dreaming and loving anyways; create, dream and love BIG.”









Ages 10–99   4 Weeks, plus a virtual performance   Cost: $260

August 31–September 21   Mondays, 6:30pm–7:30pm

Location: Online

Instructor: Renee Norris

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This course can be attended as a family or solo. We will develop creative writing skills for theatrical platforms.


August 31 – Springboards and writing share

September 7 (Labor Day) – Springboards and writing share - begin your passion project

September 14 – Share and develop ideas toward final work

September 21 – Class reads and critiques, cast readers, and schedule a Zoom rehearsal and performance for early October



Renee NorrisInstructor's Biography

Renee Norris is entering her 25th year as a Theatre Educator. She holds a degree in Theatre and in English from Texas Wesleyan University. She has taught and directed at Haltom High School, Casa Mañana, and CATS in Arlington. She has choreographed for Texas Wesleyan University and Ft. Worth Shakespeare in the Park. Renee has performed in shows at Circle Theatre, Stage West and Ft. Worth Shakespeare in the Park. Renee’s passion is preparing her students for their next level of education, performance, or life.











Musical Theatre Analysis

Ages: 13–18   8 Weeks   Cost: $260

August 25–October 13   Tuesdays, 6:00pm–7:00pm

Location: Online

Instructor: Eric Gelb

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Musical theatre has stood the test of time as a genre that transcends language, culture and age! In this weekly virtual course, students will enjoy developing a stronger understanding of how to understand many frequent tropes and tactics used in musical theatre, discussing their differences, similarities and effectiveness of how to better design, perform and direct it.


After this course, students will be able to look at musicals with an amazing new lens of appreciation, able to better recognize common conventions like the “I Want Song” (like “Stupid With Love” from MEAN GIRLS to “Part of Your World”), asides or soliloquies (like in CAROUSEL) or the recent use of projection mapping and video screens in scenery. The curriculum will be catered based on student interest. 


Perfect for anyone looking to sharpen their appreciation for Musical Theatre, or for someone considering pursuing it as a career. Students will have a ton of fun creating their own digital “sharing” in which they will select a piece to either perform or create a design/directorial statement on and share with their family and friends!



Marking Your Script

Ages: 8–13   8 Weeks   Cost: $260

August 25–October 13   Tuesdays, 4:30pm–5:30pm

Location: Online

Instructor: Eric Gelb

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Getting your first speaking role is one of the most exciting rites of passage in one’s theatrical life, whether it be in ANNIE or LES MISÉRABLES.  But unlike books, our scripts are meant to be written in—only, most students aren’t sure how to “mark their script up” apart from writing where they are meant to stand or sit onstage.


In this weekly online course, students will discover many tools and techniques to add to their toolbox when initially reading a script to either perform or direct. These tools will help students to look at their script’s notes and instantly remember what their thoughts and ideas on bringing to the story life were in a split second.


This class is designed for both newbies and seasoned thespians—there is no “universal” way to mark up your script, and because we will focus on a multitude of ways to do it, students will be able to pick and choose will be helpful to them. Through virtual games, exercises and discussion forums, we’ll have a great time exploring this niche part of theatre!



Eric GelbInstructor Biography

Eric Gelb is a NYC based musical theatre director, producer and educator. He is a recent graduate of New York University, where he studied Educational Theatre, and is delighted to be working with Artisan Theater to help students hone their musical theatre technique! 


Broadway/Off-Broadway: WICKED (Stage Management Intern), HEAD OVER HEELS and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (Co-producer). Recent Directing: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE, LEGALLY BLONDE, MARY POPPINS, MAMMA MIA!, and XANADU. Regional: Walt Disney World Entertainment, The Rose Theater (Omaha, NE), Maples Repertory Theatre (Macon, MO). His book for young people about theatre, GROWING UP IN THE WINGS, is available wherever books are sold. Eric is an Equity Membership Candidate. 


Eric's work operates under four pillars: ensemble, safety, candor and understanding. He has a soft spot for students who are considering pursuing theatre professionally—he believes that theatre class is “life class.” Even if his students never take another class again, they’ll use acquired skills for an interview at their dream college or for a job at an ice cream parlor. Eric provides a nurturing environment for students to embrace the uncomfortable (not unsafe), giving them tools to achieve more than they thought possible.








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