The Artisan Academy


THE ARTISAN ACADEMY is a "triple threat" performing arts academy offering year-round classes and workshops in singing, dancing and acting. Our programs are for ages 3 through adult. In addition to year-round classes and private lessons, we offer a full range of summer camps. Our programs focus heavily on technique-driven classes, but also include production classes/camps of all shapes and sizes, with some culminating in a full-scale musical production. Develop your child's potential to be a "triple threat" on the stage! With many class offerings to choose from, it's easy to start your child on the road to becoming a true triple threat! Take courses from industry professionals who have extensive professional teaching and directing experience.













To edify and inspire the next generation of performing artists and prepare young people for success through professional training and experienced mentorship, creating an unparalleled artistic and academic experience that also promotes personal integrity, confidence and responsibility.






  • To honor and serve our community by providing wholesome performing arts educational programs for youth and adults that are safe, positive, and fun!
  • To provide students with an exceptional arts and academic education, including the techniques and knowledge of how to succeed at all levels of pursuing the performing arts.
  • To uplift the human spirit and enrich the human mind.
  • To conduct business in an ethically sound and fiscally responsible manner.
  • To passionately explore, celebrate, and deepen our understanding of the human experience.
  • To create outstanding performers and professional young adults through a rigorous and challenging curriculum, that prepares young people to compete and excel in the professional world.
  • To convey the American Musical tradition to subsequent generations through exposure and education, thereby creating artists and audiences for generations to come.
  • To lead the nation as a premier destination for education in the performing arts, with unsurpassed curriculum and instructors that inspire greatness in those that visit and participate in our programs and productions.






Tuition is due upon enrollment. If needed, we can work out a payment plan including half tuition deposit and monthly installments. At the latest, tuition is due the first class of each month (for spring and fall), and by the first day of camp (in the summer). If payment is not received, the student may be dropped from the class.


 A $50 Registration fee per student is also due upon enrollment. Those who paid registration for Fall 2019 classes do not need to pay for Spring 2020 registration. A separate registration fee is due for all those enrolling in the summer season. Tuition fees are non-refundable.


Pay in full for the semester and receive a 20% discount! Details below:

4 hour/week company – $550, or $440 if paid in full upon enrollment (OR $225 deposit and four monthly payments of $56.25).

85-minute classes – $425, or $340 if paid in full upon enrollment (OR $212.50 deposit and four monthly payments of $53.13).

55-minute classes – $300, or $240 if paid in full upon enrollment (OR $150 deposit and four monthly payments of $37.50).


  • Monthly installment payments can be arranged if needed, requiring half of full price tuition upon enrollment, and the remaining balance divided into four equal monthly payments (3 months for summer).
  • Multi-class discount – $25 off each additional class.
  • Sibling discount – $50 off all classes for siblings.


Multi-class and sibling discounts DO NOT apply to private lessons or masterclasses.

* Private voice, piano, dance, and acting lessons offered. Please call 817-284-1200 ex. 289 for more information.









  • Click on “ENROLL NOW”
  • Choose "Click to Register."
  • Fill out required information on the Registration page (You will need to check all the boxes in the waiver portion to move forward).
  • Then click on "enroll in a class" (be sure to indicate the class name and time).
  • You will then have the option to pay.
  • You should receive a confirmation email. If your camp/class requires an audition, you will be contacted, only after enrolling in the course.



* Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable