Our Story




Artisan Productions Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity founded in 2003 (IRS Non-Profit EIN 81-0575548) for the purpose of serving the community with high quality, family-friendly entertainment, theatrical education for youth that includes dance and performing arts classes throughout the year and community outreach programs serving local schools and senior centers across Tarrant County. Using a small staff and over 1,000 volunteers, Artisan Center TheaterArtisan Children's Theater and the Artisan Ambassadors serve over 100,000 patrons annually throughout Tarrant County and beyond


Artisan Children's Theater is well known for using children (18 and under) in productions designed to entertain, inspire and educate other children and families. This unique opportunity provides youth of all ages a chance to learn and master performing arts, not only in the classroom, but on-stage and in front of live audiences. Children performing for children in the new 143 seat Children's Theater. The enormous success of this inspired youth program has impacted thousands of children throughout the community and continues to grow each year.


The Artisan Children's Theater, along with the advanced Artisan Ambassador Youth Program, form the "outreach" entertainment arm of our charity, reaching thousands of school children, hospitals, senior living centers and special performance opportunities in the community. 


The original Mission Statement and Guiding Principles remain the foundation for growth and demonstrate the continuing need for family-friendly entertainment in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.